Getting children outside is good not only for the soul, but for their physical and mental health – throw in adventure, adrenaline, excitement, friends, challenge, and you have engaged, enthusiastic children who are building skills and memories as they go.

Doing the activities just for the fun and excitement is already enough, but inherent in the way we teach and lead the sessions is also the development of skills such as collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, risk assessment, decision making. Groups are encouraged to work together and to take appropriate levels of responsibility throughout the sessions. Children are helped to develop resiliency when trying new things, helped to overcome fears and anxieties and develop personal confidence when faced with challenges such as small spaces, dark, heights etc. We also include knowledge relevant to the activities such as history, geology and geography – contextual, experiential learning!


  • Scouts and Guides
  • Schools
  • Home Educators
  • Community Groups

We also offer holiday programmes based in Burrington Combe and using locations in the Mendips, Weston Super Mare and the Brecon Beacons depending on the weather, group interests and abilities etc. Our next holiday programme will be during the Easter break so watch this space.

Whatever your group we look forward to supporting your objectives and creating either individual sessions or extended programmes to meet your needs and get children active and engaged outdoors!


We are keen to help people develop skills, confidence, abilities and techniques in our adventure sports and we have created developmental programmes for those groups who would like to take their outdoor experience to a new level. The two programme structures have different focuses:

Programme 1
This is a ‘snorkelling’ programme that introduces the group to several different activities, spending a little time with each one. The goal here is breadth of experience, looking wide rather than deep, enabling participants to identify any activities they would like to take further.
Programme 2
This is a ‘deep diving’ programme that will enable the participants to gain experience and develop a far greater understanding, competence and confidence in a single sport. The focus of this approach is to really build a solid foundation in this sport so they will have a level of confidence to continue on their own, join a club or find the way they would like to take it further. They will develop more advanced techniques such as how to take greater responsibility for themselves, consider risk assessments, understand the equipment and how to maintain it, and what to do in emergencies.

Again, both programmes can be adapted to your group in terms of duration, content, specific focus and activities, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.