Key Points

   Small Group Size – we ensure groups are kept small to ensure all group members are actively involved in the climbing process and we can give you more individualised attention.

   Further Develop skills – building on your already acquired basic skills, you will deepen your understanding of when and how to better use these skills,  including both belaying and climbing techniques. It’s not all about climbing higher and further, it’s about climbing better.

  Continue to Develop Confidence – with continued practice and instruction your increased confidence will help you to explore new heights and push boundaries. You will also further develop your belaying technique to keep your partner safe.

  Enjoy the Puzzle – The more you climb, the more interesting the puzzle as you challenge yourself to harder moves and routes. Learn to read the rock face before you even start, identify the route and anticipate the holds and moves.

Gift Voucher

Give the gift of adventure that will be remembered and shared far into the future!