Get Your Blood Pumping! - Fun for everyone!

Challenge your nerves and courage as, secured with a rope and safety devices you step back off a cliff, wall, church tower, or whatever height you choose, and lower yourself to the ground - plenty of excitement, fun and sense of achievement guaranteed! Secure in the knowledge that we have your back you can just relish the experience and boast about it later.  Great for all ages, so get together with family or friends and accept the challenge!

   Assured excitement! - Challenge yourself to take that one small step backwards!

   Complete safety! - With a back-up safety line your instructor can step in at any time to assist or even lower you down - otherwise you're in complete control of your descent!

   Fun for all! - We have harnesses to fit all shapes and sizes so as long as you can get to the top of the abseil, we can get you down!

What to Expect

During this session you will have the opportunity to challenge your courage, determination, sense of adventure and, possibly, personal fears as you step backwards over the edge to lower yourself to the ground! You are provided with the personal safety equipment needed (helmet, harness) and will be taught how to lower yourself using the figure of eight device, and also shown how the safety line works. You can therefore abseil with the ability to take complete control of your own descent but safe in the knowledge that if needed we have your safety completely in our hands. All you have to do is enjoy the view from the top, take a deep breath, and step backwards … The rest, as they say, will be history, but something to share, talk about and embellish as time goes on!

Session timings

Generally sessions run from 10am – 1pm (mornings) and 2pm – 5pm (afternoons). We may be able to accommodate other times so contact us to discuss individual needs.

Location and facilities

We use various locations for abseiling including The Mendips and Weston-super-Mare. We will discuss your group make-up before deciding on the best location as they all offer something different: degrees of challenge, height, access etc. The facilities available are dependent on location, so we will send you  site-specific information once the venue has been decided.

Equipment and Clothing

Rock Outdoors provides full safety equipment including harness and helmet. If needed we can provide chest harnesses for larger people, and full body harnesses for younger children. You must be able to fit our personal safety equipment in order to participate in the activity. Wear flexible clothing which allows for plenty of movement and stretching of both legs and arms. A warm fleece or jacket can also be very welcome while waiting. Good trainers or equivalent are a must.

Medication and Inhalers

Please ensure any needed medication or inhalers are readily available and inform the instructor beforehand.

Hair, jewellery, watches, phones

Hair must be tied back to prevent it getting caught in the abseil device. A low ponytail is perfect as you will be wearing a helmet.  Loose-hanging necklaces and long or loopy earrings should be removed, and phones should be removed from pockets as dropping them will not only damage them but could cause injury to someone below.

Gift Voucher

Give the gift of adventure that will be remembered and shared far into the future!