Our Commitment to You

Rock Outdoors is an outdoor activity and learning company with the clients very much at the heart of everything we do. Motivated by our desire to share our enthusiasm and passion for the outdoors, to inspire others, to make the outdoors more accessible to all and to open a window to new possibilities and interests, we create sessions tailored to meet the needs of each group or individual. Whether a one-off experience or a programme of sessions, Rock Outdoors uses its years of collective experience, knowledge and passion to create truly memorable experiences.

Rock Outdoors is fully insured, AALA licensed and all activities are led by appropriately qualified and DBS checked instructors. Whilst ensuring the groups have a great time is a top priority, so too is their safety and all our equipment is of the highest quality and checked and maintained to ensure it remains in top condition. With many years of experience working in education and outdoor instruction, we are confident meeting the needs of all groups and will adapt the activities to suit each one. Our aim is to open eyes to new possibilities and doors to new opportunities, so whether you are a group, an individual, young, not-so-young, confident, hesitant, Rock Outdoors looks forward to guiding your first, or next, experiences in the outdoors.

Our Team

Dedicated, adventurous people with a passion for the outdoors.  Fully licensed and insured, Rock Outdoors only works with fully qualified and experienced instructors who hold the same ethos and passion as we do, to ensure that every experience is one to remember!

Neil Rigiani

Rock Outdoors Partner, Instructor

Neil has led individuals and groups, adults and children, caving, climbing, abseiling, canyoning, scrambling, and hill and mountain walking both nationally and internationally over the last 3 decades. He has instructed instructors on rope and caving techniques as well as given endless groups an experience to be remembered. He maintains an infectious enthusiasm and fascination for the outdoors and gets the same enjoyment from each session as if it was his first. His testimonials all identify his unique and calm approach to inspiring people to get beyond their fears and to embrace the challenges. Through his understated confidence and commitment to the enjoyment and success of each individual, Neil will ensure that you find the confidence to challenge boundaries whilst putting you in control of how far, how fast, how high and how deep you choose to go!

Carol Rees

Rock Outdoors Partner, Instructor

As well as the sheer enjoyment of being outdoors, and the excitement, adrenaline and sense of achievement participating in new activities can bring, Carol is passionate about what the outdoors can offer people in terms of personal development, confidence-building, self-esteem, and its contribution to our mental health. As an educator Carol's focus has always been on helping people overcome or circumnavigate barriers to learning, and changing mindsets from 'I can't' to 'I can't yet'. Her own experience of the outdoors makes Carol passionate about the role the outdoors can play in breaking barriers, creating new positive self beliefs, and the positive physical and psychological effects the magic of the outdoors offers. With Carol's background in experiential learning and inquiry-based curriculum development, she is well placed to mesh the outdoors with learning and growth, and creates Rock Outdoors' bespoke developmental programmes to meet the individual needs of each group.